Free Virtual Classes Launched By Dubai Schools

Fortes Education

Dubai based education provider, Fortes Education, which operates Regent International School and Sunmarke School, has launched free virtual classes that can be accessed by anyone across the globe. 

Through Regent International School, Fortes Education is providing free virtual classes for years 1 through to 6, and through Sunmarke School free virtual classes for years 1 through to 10.

The courses will cover the core subjects and will be run over a two week period for any student around the world.

Mrs Gaynor Dale, the Principal of Regent International School said, "Our free 2-week free Virtual Learning Programme will help families familiarise themselves with Regent’s outstanding online education, cutting-edge technology platforms and exceptional teachers. This will help parents make a truly informed decision of whether they wish to enrol in our school or not.” 

In addition to the free virtual classes, Sunmarke School is also offering a dedicated programme for year 11 students who are following the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IDCP), A levels or BTEC. The Head Start Programme has been created to prepare Years 11 students for when they enter Year 12 in September.

Dr. Neil Hopkin the Principal of Sunmarke School said, “Year 11 students have completed the curriculum this year and have valuable time on their hands. This time can be used effectively to get a head start for Year 12 next year and avoid loss of learning, skills and knowledge from an idle mind. Additionally, education has to offer parents value-for-money. At Sunmarke, we take this obligation to parents very seriously. If students have a particular interest they would like to pursue, or if they are looking at a specific career path for which extra study is the key to success, then Sunmarke’s Head Start Programme is the right choice for them, whether they are a Sunmarke student or not. Students can log in from anywhere in the world to get a taster of subjects they want to pursue in the IBDP, IBCP, A Level or BTEC."

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