November: Children Can Say The Funniest Things

We love our children unconditionally, of that there is no doubt. But they're also capable of bringing us joy and laughter in the most unexpected ways. Here at Connector we love sharing your hilarious parenting stories, the ones that only the mind of a child can engineer. These are just a few of those moments, all featuring kids with birthdays this month. Happy birthday you lot!

Aditi Prashanth  
5 years old on 6th November
Ambassador Kindergarten

Funny moment: Aditi has three young cousins under the age of 1 and she proudly says that she is the older sister of the whole world!


Aran Moghadami 
1 year old on 18th November 

Funny moment: Aran does not talk yet, and only says one word, which is “Akke”, his mum's catchphrase and doesn’t have any meaning. He makes all the family laugh as he uses it for all his communication.

Mohammed Zayed
4 years old on 23rd November

Funny moment: Zayed was crying when he saw his parents wedding album, asking where he was, why he wasn't taken? Everyone laughed a lot and now the album is kept in a secret place out of his reach.

Mecca Mahmoud Abdelaziz
1 year old on 28th November

Funny moment: My daughter once had asked me to show her the tree where all the children are plucked fromThe baby has just started mumbling and as a mothers we wait for the "Mama" word and everytime she hears "Mama" she replies with "Baba".

B. Saif
2 years old on 28th November

Deira International School

Funny moment: The boy makes people laugh on almost everything he says and when he makes cute faces. One thing that always makes people laugh is when he speaks to Siri on the iPhone, and when there is no response he claims that Siri must be dead. 

Have your children said something that has set you off in belly fulls of laughter and made your friends chuckle? If they have and they are celebrating a birthday next month, simply click here to fill in the form or email a picture and a few words on what it is they said that made you laugh, and we will publish the top ones next month. Include their age, date of birth and the school they go to. 

Congratulations to Aditi Prashanth, who has won a voucher to the value of Dhs 500 from Babyshop.

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