Applying to UK Universities?

The benefits of a university degree are well recognised - opening doors for future employment and conferring economic advantages over a life time. But that does not always help when you are trying to select your degree path! The UK has over 37,000 undergraduate courses on offer at more than 130 universities, the choice can be overwhelming for a student trying to navigate their way to higher education. Gabbitas are experts at guiding students through the minefield of choosing the right course and the right university and advising students what to look out for.

Choosing a Degree

Choose a subject you enjoy and that you are interested in. A good degree from a good university will give you transferrable skills that will equip you well for the world of work.

If you have a clear career path in mind then check which degrees give you the best access to entry in that sector.

Do your research, courses vary from university to university and it’s important to pick the one that’s right for you.

Check out contact time, how is the course assessed and what is the teaching style.

Choosing a University

Do not just rely on university league tables to make your choices, there are so many and they all say different things.

Check the entry requirements for the degree you want to study - do you have the right grades and subject combination?

Location is important.  Are you looking for bright city lights or something more tranquil?  Would a campus style university suit you?

Look at the size of the university, bigger is not always better as you can get lost in the crowd.

The vast majority of students end up being extremely happy at university and go onto become successful and satisfied with their choices.  Doing your research and seeking professional guidance will ensure that you too can make a confident choice of what and where to study.

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