Smurfs Village To Open At Dubai Miracle Garden


Dubai Miracle Garden is celebrating its tenth year with the addition of a new attraction, Smurfs Village.

The attraction will offer children and adults the opportunity to venture into the world of the Smurfs, with rows of mushroom houses built in the forest.

The addition to the Dubai Miracle Garden was done through a deal with IMG Worlds Of Adventure.

The Smurfs is based on a Belgian comic and has since been turned into a movie and television franchise that revolves around little blue creatures living in the village.

Dubai Miracle Garden will offer four Smurf themed areas, Smurf Village, Smurf Activity Area, Smurf Topiaries and a spot to break a Guinness World Record.

The attraction will be modelled on the series and will feature a wide array of colourful flowers and plants as well as stunning landscapes. 

Shows, as well as character appearances, will also be held in the evening.

Abdel Naser Rahhal, Creator and Co-Founder of Dubai Miracle Garden and Vice Chairman of Cityland Group said, "As we celebrate our tenth year, we want to make sure we embark on a wonderous launch. With Expo 2020 here, we at Dubai Miracle Garden want to surprise and amaze the world with the exciting series of new designs and displays that will take the Grand Floral Show to new extents. We strive to provide memorable moments for guests who travel from all over the world to Dubai Miracle Garden."

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