RTA To Display Real Time Bus Timings


Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched real-time information (RTI) screens that will display the exact bus timings at various bus stations.

The screens will allow public transport users to plan and change their travel plans in case of delays or revised bus routes.

133 real-time update screens have been added at 13 public bus stations and 5 bus stops.

Additionally, new ticket machines have been placed at multiple bus stations.

The machines are currently situated at the main bus stations.

Security and safety are available for users at the ticket machines through CCTV cameras and aims to increase the experience and boost the satisfaction and happiness of customers.

The machines are powered through solar energy and are environmentally friendly by using clean and alternative energy sources.

A new generation of NOL cards have also been launched through which payment can be done through debit cards, credit cards, contactless NFC payments as well as virtualised NOL card payments through the new machines or at the offices. 

Khalid Al Awadhi, Director of Transportation Systems, Public Transport Agency, RTA said, “RTA is keen to lead the way in using cutting-edge technologies of mass transport and supporting services that add to the happiness of Dubai’s residents, visitors and tourists, especially during the lead-up to Expo 2020.”

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