All Permits For Ramadan Tents Cancelled


The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) has announced that all permits for Ramadan tents around Dubai will be cancelled for the year.

This decision is in line with the precautions announced by the government to ensure public safety during the pandemic.

Ahmed Darwish, Executive Director of Charitable Works at IACAD said, "Health and safety is one of the department's top priorities. We will take whatever is needed to help people pass the Holy Month safely. Compliance with preventive and precautionary measures is a collective community responsibility to protect public health."

The IACAD has also banned the charitable distribution of food during Ramadan, unless it is in collaboration with charities and institutions that are approved and licenced by the IACAD, to ensure the distribution complies with all the COVID-19 protocols.

The digital 'Meals of Hope' initiative during Ramadan will continue by reaching out to all those in need.

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