UFC Gym To Open

UFC Gym is set to open its first gym in Abu Dhabi in March 2021. The gym is an extension of the global sports brand and the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organisation.

The gym will located on Mohamed Bin Zayed Road in Abu Dhabi.

The gym will offer members training programs in MMA, as well as personal coaching and state of the art gym equipment.

There will be specific training areas dedicated to strength training as well as cardio.

The ground floor will consist of a multi-functional freestyle fitness area where members can work out individually as well as take part in the Daily Ultimate Training, UFC's signature class.

The first floor will offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, boxing, kick-boxing conditioning, fight fit and will also feature a 24-foot octagon.

The second floor will feature group exercises and private coaching studio for zumba, yoga and spinning, along with a range of resistance machines and cardio area.

There will also be programs dedicated for younger children aged 12 and over, which will teach the basic fundamentals of MMA.

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