Three Adorable Puppies Looking For Loving Homes

If you’ve never had a puppy you’ve never experienced the unconditional love only puppies know how to give. Tail wagging like crazy every time you look at your puppy; puppy eyes that say innocent even when proven guilty for the ‘snow’ in the living room; hours spent playing; teaching your puppy to sit, stay and fetch.

Meet Annie (she is the boss), Lilly (she is the princess) and Ezra (he is the shy one) three adorable desert puppies.

Their life started in an abandoned warehouse in Dubai. One by one all three were rescued and given a chance to be happy and loved and find forever homes.

Annie, Lilly and Ezra have come a long way since first rescued: house trained, leash trained, used to going to day care and the doggy park.

They have experienced their first Christmas in a loving foster home and now its time for them to find forever homes.

If you can help save a life by adopting or fostering email

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