Recreate Iconic Movie Dishes With These YouTube Channels


Ever found yourself drooling over a dish being served in your favourite movie? Do you secretly wish you could cook like Remy from Ratatouille, or wonder how to recreate the delicious “ram-don” from the Oscar-winning film Parasite? Well, say no more. 

These YouTube channels are about to make all your noodle-shaped dreams come true. Add these to your playlist now and learn how to make some of the most iconic movie dishes in real life–because as a lovable aspiring rat-chef once said: Anyone Can Cook! 

Binging With Babish

From animated movies such as Kung Fu Panda to famous movies such as Marvel’s The Avengers, Andrew Rea’s channel is like a crash course on fictional foods. While attempting to recreate dishes such as Spongebob’s Krabby Patties and Goodfellas Prison Sauce, the filmmaker shares some popular movie food recipes which are both fun to watch and try out! 

Nerdy Nummies 

If you found yourself eyeing Harley Quinn’s egg sandwich far longer than you should have, then vlogger Rosanna Pansino’s channel is all you’ll ever need in life. Whether it’s Sansa Stark’s lemon cakes or The Giant Doughnut from Zootopia, there’s a little something for everybody here. 

Cooking With Pixar 

Here’s something for you and the kids! Launched by Pixar earlier this year, “Cooking With Pixar” features a series of instructional videos (with some really cool graphics!) that helps you recreate dishes from their hit films such as the yummy dumplings from Bao or the Pizza Planet-inspired pizzas. Drool! 

Feast of Fiction 

This one’s not just limited to films. Hosts Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams attempt to recreate cool recipes from books and shows as well on their YouTube channel. But don’t expect a boring instructional cooking show, the duo’s nerdy humour combined with their gastronomic expertise, makes this a fun channel to watch. 

Totally Trendy 

Fans of ICarly, Spongebob and Rick & Morty will be glad to find this one on the list. While not strictly a cooking channel, its host Samantha Fekete recreates many dishes from the three series. As of January 2020, Fekete has moved on to the Matthias Channel, but you can still go back and find a lot of the recipes on the channel. 

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