5 Questions To Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Qualification and experience of the doctor in doing the procedure:
You should know the doctor is qualified to do the procedure, and the number of times he has done the procedure so far.

What to expect after the procedure:
The doctor should be able to give you a correct picture of what you have to expect after the procedure. They can do this by showing you before and after pictures of patients they have performed the procedure on.

Side effects of the procedure
You should know the pros and cons of the procedure so that you can decide whether you really need it or not.

What the downtime of the procedure is
For example, some procedures will involve mild swelling, redness and bruising after the procedure. So, you should be aware of this, so that in case if you have an event, you can plan accordingly.

If there is any way to prevent the side effects
For example, after chemical peels, or any procedure for that matter, the doctor will advise you to avoid sun exposure. Therefore you can prevent from being exposed to sun by applying sunscreen. Similarly, you should avoid saunas and vigorous exercise after certain procedures.

Dr. Vimi Ponnamparambath
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