Connector October 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 5 Raising Awareness On Breast Cancer 42 Chef’s Corner: Miguel Huelamo Estrada UAE Car Rental Handbook: Everything You Must Know 54 Amazing Vacation Options In Oman You Must Check Out Right Away Ten To Try: Falafel 58 29 Contents 7 Monthly Events Delight In A Disney Extravaganza! Tempting Brunch Options in Dubai You Can’t Afford to Miss Day In The Life: Dr Juliana Korth British, American, or IB Curriculum: Picking the Right Path for Your Child OSH Del Mar - Exporing Delicious Uzbek Flavours Usha Shah: Overcoming Stage Three Breast Cancer Meet The Teacher: Marie Oliver Connolly A round up of all the major events this October 13 14 50 36 28 63 34 14 63 42 40 Welcome JAGUAR SKILLS MOTION | YEOMANS | WHITLEY RUCHEA PROJECT 174 FRIDAY 6 OCTOBER MEDIA ONE, DUBAI MEDIA CITY P7 ARENA TICKETS FROM 200 AED 8PM 3AM ANDY C