Connector October 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 3 Welcome October is marked the world over as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is symbolised by the pink ribbon. The ribbon was originally created in 1991, by breast cancer survivor Charlotte Haley from California, USA, who began hand-making peach-coloured ribbons in her dining room, and is now worn by many people, from those undergoing treatment for breast cancer, as well as survivors, and supporters and families of people affected by breast cancer, to raise awareness. This issue Connector has spoken with Usha Shah, a UAE resident and mother of three who was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2020, and though was told at the time it was late stage three of breast cancer, by October 2021 was told she was in remission. Read her story on pages 63 to 66. Early detection of breast cancer is important and plays a critical role in how it can be treated. Connector asked specialists in the UAE to share their valuable advice on what to look out for, what the early signs are and when it is advisable to seek medical advise. Find out this useful information on pages 42 to 45. The weather is cooling which drives a lot of us out and about more, and one of the favourite weekend pastiness is brunch. With so many to choose from, finding a great brunch can be overwhelming, however Connector has looked around and highlighted some of the varying and best brunches around. Choose which ones you want to try on pages 14 to 27. That’s not all, there is a lot more inside this issue, so relax and enjoy reading it all as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together. Have a great month and enjoy the issue. Chris Nicolaides Concord Tower, PO Box 126732, Dubai Media City, Dubai, 04 454 9826, Contents of this publication are copyright. No material may be reproduced without written permission. Notice and disclaimer. The material used in this publication is intended to be used for informational purposes only. A sincere effort has been made to report accurate information. However, one or more recognised authorities in health and nutrition may hold different views than those reported therein, and the reader is so advised. This publication is not meant to be an endorsement of any specific product or services offered. Yogita Chainani Vishakha Ramchandani Welcome V T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E P R E S E N T S T I C K E T S : 2 2 5 A E D S E A T E D G R A N D S T A N D 2 5 0 A E D G R O U N D S T A N D I N G D O O R S O P E N 7 P M S H O W S T A R T S 9 . 0 0 P M O V E R 2 1 ’ S O N L Y W W W . T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E . C O M @ T H E I R I S H V I L L A G E D U B A I W W W . 8 0 0 T I C K E T S . C O M F R I D A Y 1 3 T H O C T 2 0 2 3 A T D U B A I D U T Y F R E E T E N N I S S T A D I U M THE BOYS ARE BACK I N TOWN ! ONE NIGHT ONLY TO SEE ALL YOUR FAVOURITE BOY BANDS WITH 26 NUMBER ONE HITS! BLUE BOYZLIFE FIVE