Connector April 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 64 CONNECTOR.AE 65 Kids And Education Kids And Education Tips To Manage Exam Pressure Exam season is an extremely stressful time for many children, as well as parents. It can be daunting, and with being anxious and nervous about the upcoming exams, may also face a lot of health issues, from lack of sleep to loss of appetite. Nishi Saran, Senior Vice Principal of Secondary School and the Nexus Pre-University Centre at Bloom World Academy said, “Students need to manage their stress during exam season so they can perform to their optimal level. Exam stress, is usually healthy stress, which actually causes students to focus more during high stake situations. It is important to manage your stress levels, to avoid feeling overwhelmed and to also be able to comfortably retrieve information when you need to. Managing your stress levels will allow you to unlock the many folders in your brain to retrieve the essential information you require, it will also allow you to think more creatively and critically under pressure.” With some time still left on the clock, there are multiple ways to get ahead and manage the exam pressure, without stressing at the last minute. Connector, in conversation with teachers around Dubai, is sharing some tips to make this exam season go by with ease. Prepare in advance: One of the main issues faced by students during exam season is not preparing in advance. Rather than waiting till the final week before the exams, students should allot enough time in the weeks before to ensure all the material required for studying is covered. Maryam Abdullah, Curriculum Coordinator and Head of the English Department at New Academy School said, “Cramming adds to anxiety and stress for most people. Study early enough to allow the information to be absorbed, and take notes.” Simon Crane, Head Master at Brighton College Dubai added, “We advise pupils to break down study material into smaller, manageable tasks and assign specific times for each part. This will reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and help make steady progress towards your goal.” By creating a set timetable from the get-go and dividing the topics into smaller parts, students will be able to grasp concepts better, allowing them enough time closer to the exam to only go over the material. Assess abilities: One of the key ways to ensure good results during examinations is by evaluating and identifying individual capabilities. Out of all the subjects from the school curriculum, each student has a subject or a few that they can grasp and understand the concepts easily, only requiring revising them to remember the concept fully. However, there are some subjects that require more time to break down and completely understand the topic, and are usually the ones that can cause stress to students. Maryam Abdullah of New Academy School said, “Know your own capacity and what are your strengths and areas of development. For example, if I know that math is not my best subject and that it causes me a lot of stress, then I need to manage my expectations. I can accept a B and I will be fine with that, verses expecting an A when I know it is out of my capacity.” Taking breaks: Leading up to the exam season as well as during it, many students can get overwhelmed with the pressure and, in turn, can forget to prioritise themselves and their wellbeing. Simon Crane of Brighton College Dubai said, “It is important to take regular breaks and engage in self-care activities such as exercise or general hobbies to maintain focus and clarity. Sleep is also really important for optimal cognitive function and overall well-being.”