Connector April 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 66 CONNECTOR.AE 67 Health and Wellness Kids And Education Students should make sure while studying to allot time away from studying to either play a sport outdoors or talk a walk, as lack of breaks can lead to exhaustion, which makes it difficult to study. Sleep, as mentioned, is also an important factor and students should get at least eight hours of sleep, as it is important to give the mind a break to relax and not constantly be put to use. Revise: Revision is an essential part of managing exam pressure. Nishi Saran of Bloom World Academy said, “A key tip to manage exam pressure is doing revision and retrieval practice in sizeable chunks well in advance. A suitable amount of time is about 40 minutes depending on the task. Take regular breaks, sleep well to keep your neurons sharp and simply practice, practice, practice.” Get support: Friends and teachers are always a great alternative when met with a topic that can not be understood and can help in explaining the topic to learn it better. A different perspective can often make someone grasp the subject in a simplified manner. Maryam Abdullah, of New Academy School said, “Make sure you understand the concepts and ask for help from your peers or teachers.” Relax: The stress and pressure faced before an exam can be a difficult process for many students, but with prepping, can make it a smooth process, Simon Crane of Brighton School Dubai adds, “Exam pressure is a common experience and with proper planning and self-care, you can approach your exams with confidence and achieve your best results.” As the day of the exams is the time that students dread the most, Maryam Abdullah of New Academy School said, “Just breathe and go to the exam relaxed. This is the day, and nothing else can be done. Calm your nerves and take long breaths. Believe that you will do your best and succeed. Calmly take your exam, read the questions carefully and then answer the questions.” With proper planning and creating a fixed timetable, once all the essential topics have been covered, it is just a matter of constantly revising the material for the exams. Revision scheduled in advance allows students to take breaks and get proper rest, which helps them stay alert and sharp while studying and when writing the exams. While sitting the exams, all the hard work done in advance will pay off, and rather than feeling anxious and panicky, by calming the mind and writing all that was studied, the pressure on the day can be managed and the exams completed better. A Look Into Autism World Autism Day is marked on 2 April, with many landmarks around the UAE lighting up in blue to raise awareness, and April dedicated as World Autism Month. The day was passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007, and is one of the few health-dedicated days announced by the organisation. Its aim is to highlight the importance of giving a voice to people with autism and helping them get better involved within society and the community. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a complex neuro-biological and development disorder that occurs from birth. Detected in 1 in every 59 births, it is one of the more common development disorders that is with someone throughout their life. People with autism behave, communicate, interact and respond differently, and within the disorder, the abilities of each individual can vary. As people with autism can be high functioning, with the right guidance and care, can go on with their daily lives without the need or with very little need for additional support. However, some people can be non-verbal