Connector April 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 62 CONNECTOR.AE 63 Kids And Education Kids And Education Meet The Teacher: Nishi Saran Teachers are the backbone of the education system, and without their passion and guidance, a student will not always realise their full potential. Nishi Saran, SeniorVicePrincipal of Secondary School and the Nexus Pre-University Centre at Bloom World Academy, is a great example of having the best interests of the school at heart and working towards making it the best that it can be. Hailing from Canada, Nishi has gained over 20 years of teaching experience in the UK, Canada and the last seven years helping students realise their talents in the UAE. Currently, at a leadership position, Nishi’s role at Bloom World Academy is to assist in creating various approaches to help students to unlock their capabilities, while helping them get into their dream universities and achieve all their aspirations. Nishi has also done inspectorate work and consultancy at the Education Strategic Office for the Crown Prince Court in Abu Dhabi. Connector heard from Nishi about his teaching journey, from how he started, what he does to make a difference and why he enjoys the profession so much. What inspired you to start teaching? I was inspired to teach at a young age when I started working as a lifeguard and swim instructor at 15 years old. Seeing the joy on other young faces when they achieved even small goals or made significant progress was very gratifying and quite humbling. How did you decide to teach? I always loved playing sports and after playing at the national league level, I thought, why not depart some of my knowledge back to our future generation. Why do you love teaching? Despite me not teaching much these days, due to my leadership role, I still really enjoy teaching because it predominantly involves working with young people. I love the unpredictability and the very fact the job keeps me young and on my toes. Do you remember your favourite teacher from school? My favourite teacher was Don Tingley, my PE Teacher, at a young age, but I was truly inspired by another teacher named Don, ironically, much later in my education. His name was Don Wilson, and was an outstanding English professor. He was an exceptionally witty, funny and intelligent chap who made you think so critically about things in a very unique and practical way. He brought out the best out of you and everyone else in a compelling and authentic manner which spurred an insatiable appetite, to not only work harder, but to also to realise your real true potential when you were taken out of your own comfort zone. A really remarkable, caring and passionate practitioner. He epitomised his name in every sense. How do you make everyday classes more interesting? Through challenging students daily and by making each lesson different and in old fashion speak, just fun, dare I say. What is a unique part of the school? The ‘different’ factor is very unique at Bloom World Academy. We celebrate being different, choosing different courses or pathways, being from different nationalities, starting at different times, learning in different ways, celebrating differences and embracing different views, all whilst making a difference to others. What would you do if you were not a teacher? I would be a ski or snowboard instructor and live remotely in the mountains.