Reckless And Irresponsible Individuals Cause Increase In Fines For Not Following Precautionary Measures


Precautionary measures in place to help contain the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 have not been followed by all members of the community, and have been dubbed "reckless and irresponsible", and has been part of an increase in cases testing positive over recent weeks and since measures were lifted slightly.

As a result the UAE Attorney General has issued a new guidelines on fines for violators of the precautionary measures. 

The fines include a Dhs 10,000 fine for those hosting gatherings  and a further Dhs 5,000 fine for each individual attending one of these gatherings. 

More than three people in a car who are not immediate family face a Dhs 3,000 fine and also those not wearing a mask in public or in the workplace face a Dhs 3,000 fine, and the same fine applies to those who are out of their homes between 8pm and 6am, or do not follow the social distancing measures in place.

Details of the fines now in place can be seen on the information sheets below posted on the Twitter feed of the Abu Dhabi Media Office.

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