Men Sponsored By Families Can Now Get Labour Cards

A new work permit rule introduced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation will allow private businesses to recruit men sponsored by their families.

The new permit will benefit sons that have finished schools and universities and sponsored by families, as well as husbands sponsored by their wives and fathers living on their children’s sponsorship.

Until now, businesses needed to provide full visa and medical insurance to hire men whereas employers could hire women, usually wives and daughters sponsored by a parent or spouse by providing them work permits also known as labour cards. These work permits enable private companies to save on visa and medical costs borne by the women employees’ spouses or parents.

According to the labour ministry, the new move would make it cheaper for businesses to hire staff and will enable families to bring in more income.

The new fee for a two-year work permit for a skilled or limited skilled worker is Dhs 300 for all categories of companies.

Last month, the UAE government introduced a new law allowing parents to sponsor their sons over the age of 18 for up to two consecutive years.


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