Your Child's Sleep Pattern Needs Some Attention Now!

Now that the summer holiday is approaching its end, so are the nights of staying up late. At times, getting children to bed can be a struggle for parents, especially after the `liberties` of an extended vacation.

There is a lot you can do to help your child bridge the 'gap' and get the quality of sleep he needs.

  1. Make it a family priority. Your child will imitate you, so set a good. By making sleep a priority for your self, this demonstrates for him that proper sleep is an integral constituent of a healthy lifestyle, and is as important as healthy eating and regular exercise.
  2. Gradually shift bedtime back. To develop a healthy sleep pattern, it is recommended that you gradually move back your child’s bedtime by an hour every night, at least two before school starts, until your child is back to his proper bedtime routine
  3. No technology before bedtime. Keep all electric devices - TVs, laptops, tablets, and cell phones out of your child`s bedroom, particularly at night. To prevent sleep disruption, turn off all screens at least one hour before bedtime.
  4. Maintain a bedtime routine. Your child will do better when he knows what to expect; consistency is the key. Choose a relaxing activity to do just before sleeping (such as reading a short bedtime story), and make it part of his nightly routine.
  5. Beware of Caffeine. Caffeine may remain in your child`s system for eight to 10 hours and interfere with his ability to have a peaceful sleep.

It is wise to keep your child`s caffeine consumption to a minimum. Check the ingredient list on foods and beverages your child is consuming for any hidden caffeine.

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