Simple Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors

In this month dedicated to breast cancer awareness, we have highlighted the importance of yoga in healing individuals who go through the tough phase of pain and sorrow fighting against the disease. Yoga is an ideal way to channel one’s energy to bring back positive vibes and eliminate turbulent experiences and memories from the mind.

Harsha Varyani, Yoga Ashram Director said, “Practising yoga can help breast cancer survivors greatly as it will calm the mind, completely relax the body and bring body, mind and breath into harmony which is necessary for healing to happen on a deeper level. It can greatly reduce stress, anxiety and any negativities especially after having gone through the trauma of contacting a severe illness. I personally have worked with cancer patients and survivors and have found that yoga had essentially contributed to giving them a better quality of life.”

Warrior Pose or Virabhadrasana - helps greatly in preparing one in the most positive frame of mind as it invokes the valour in an individual mentally, physically and emotionally. The strong benefits of this pose will harness fierce power in you and will remind you that you are a warrier and not a ‘worrier’.

Childs Pose or Shishuasana - helps bring about calmness and a feeling of acceptance in the mind. The body and mind feel greatly relaxed and at peace in this posture.

Half-Spinal Twist or Lying Down Natrajasana - this lying down twist is greatly relaxing yet at the same time can give a great feeling of rejuvination in the spine and organs of the body. This twist helps the body to detox in a most relaxed way.

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