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Fakih IVF has helped over 15,000 couples realize their dream of parenthood. Since the birth of its first in vitro baby in the USA in 1987, Fakih IVF has been at the forefront of infertility treatment, having one of the highest birth rates in the world. Fakih IVF’s widespread success has led to the expansion of its operations in Michigan, Ohio, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al- AIN where Dr. Fakih has developed the most dominant IVF center where Dr. Fakih and his staff operates the first private IVF center in UAE.

Dr. Fakih and his team of medical professionals are committed to provide couples with comprehensive, innovative fertility treatments which are why all centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain are welcoming many couples from all over the world who have made Fakih IVF their natural choice.

Fakih IVF team successfully take on the most difficult cases, expertly identifying underlying infertility problems and personalizing appropriate treatments that maximize the chances of pregnancy. They challenge protocols and develop innovative ways to treat their patients, which is what differentiates them from the rest. They keep raising the bar every time. To date, Dr. Fakih and his team have helped over 15,000 couples realize their dream of parenthood by making little miracles every day.

Fakih IVF also offers gender selection for balancing families, PGD and single gene disorder testing to eliminate any genetic diseases, egg freezing (using a flash-freeze technology called Vitrification) for women who plan to become mothers later in life, sperm or egg freezing for cancer patients who plan to have a family after chemotherapy, as well as a host of other treatments, all in its latest state-of-the-art facility. All procedures are done with excellence, confidentiality and compassion for all those who come under Fakih IVF care.

Our operating hours are from 8:00 Am till 10:00 PM, to book an appointment please call Fakih IVF by calling 800-FAKIH (32544) or by contacting them via email on appointments@fakihivf.com

Contact: 800-FAKIH (32544)
Website: www.fakihivf.com

Abu Dhabi Al Ain Dubai

St. 11, Hazaa Bin Zayed The First St. Opposite Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
P.O. Box 31453, Abu Dhabi
Phone: 02 444 4107
Mobile: 056 641 9351
Fax: 02 444 4109
Email: receptionauh@fakihivf.com

Fakih Medical Center Villa No. 2, Tawam Roundabout Al Markhaniya Ashraj District 13 Bida Bin Ammar, Al Ain 
P.O. Box 31453, Abu Dhabi
Phone: 03 766 6673
Fax: 03 763 1288
Email: reception.alain@fakihivf.com

37, 65b St. - 32b St. Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1
P.O. Box 72960, Dubai
Tel: 04 349 7600
Fax: 04 349 7668
Email: info@fakihivf.com

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