Connector October 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 66 Lifestyle Receiving a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment is a difficult process and can take a toll on a person’s physical and mental health. It takes over two years for the chemotherapy to leave the system, people deal with a variety of symptoms, and Usha Shah still experiences after effects of sharp pain in the leg and chest. One of the scariest things about cancer for Usha Shah was the thought of losing her life and not being there for her family saying, “When I was told on the phone that we think that you reach stage three, you automatically think you are going to die. Your initial thoughts are, how is your family going to cope? How are they going to manage the home? All of these things start flooding through your mind.” Usha Shah lost both of her parents to battles with cancer, where her mother was detected with ovarian cancer. Wanting to take preventative measures, Usha Shah got regular smear checks and never expected to end up being diagnosed with breast cancer. People with a family history are more susceptible to cancer, and after her diagnosis of breast cancer, a genetics test was done and she was ruled out for carrying the gene. Usha Shah advises people to regularly perform self-examinations, and visit the doctor, if they have any of the symptoms. From May 2020, when she first felt the lump, to getting her diagnosis in September the same year, the cancer had turned from a lump to spreading into the breast and forming a mass. “ “ She added, “Women need to have annual health checks. I would not even just say over 40 years old, because nowadays breast cancer is happening to younger women and you are hearing about a lot of stories. Do regular health checks yourself by checking your breasts. You can do it while you are in the shower, or while you are getting ready. Just have it once a month in your calendar that you are going to check it on this day. Have regular mammograms if you can. Smear tests should be done every year and they should not be skipped. I think if any women can just keep up with doing these things and keeping up with their health, because health is the biggest investment. Without good health, you are nothing. You are not going to be able to enjoy your life. It is so easy for cancer, if you have it, to spread aggressively. You have to get yourself checked.” 3>HS‡3gr‡} >g 3>HS‡3gr‡} >>g # - . /0124 56 01 7gH gH 3>HS‡3r‡} >>g 58 69 ##- . /01- :;<=?;‡@AB;CD<EAD‡FC;GFI;AF‡J<C‡KC;GLF‡ MGAM;C‡GL‡N;??‡GL‡L@COEO<CLP‡JGIE?E;L‡<J‡=;<=?;‡ GJJ;MF;B‡KQ‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡GAB‡L@==<CF;CLP‡ RGO;‡G??‡K;;A‡L;;A‡B<AAEAD‡=EAT‡CEKK<AL‡GAB‡ ?G=;?‡=EAL‡F<‡LR<N‡FR;EC‡L@==<CF‡GAB‡CGEL;‡ GNGC;A;LL‡<J‡FR;‡MG@L;U‡ V?FR<@DR‡FR;‡CEKK<A‡EL‡G‡=<=@?GC‡LQIK<?‡J<C‡ KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡GNGC;A;LL‡LMC;;AEADL‡GAB‡ MGI=GEDALP‡IGAQ‡<J‡@L‡B<‡A<F‡TA<N‡EFL‡ < W C R ED ; E ‡ A CE L K U K<A‡NGL‡<CEDEAG??Q‡MC;GF;B‡EA‡XYYXP‡KQ‡ KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡L@COEO<C‡ZRGC?<FF;‡[G?;Q‡JC<I‡ ZG?EJ<CAEGP‡\]VU ^;F;CIEA;B‡F<‡CGEL;‡GNGC;A;LL‡GL‡G‡KC;GLF‡ MGAM;C‡L@COEO<CP‡ZRGC?<FF;‡K;DGA‡RGAB_IGT_ EAD‡=;GMR_M<?<@C;B‡CEKK<AL‡EA‡R;C‡BEAEAD‡ `aab‡cde‡fcdehdi‡jkl‡`hmmadn‡aop‡qhpf‡c‡ MGCB‡LGQEAD‡sWR;‡tGFE<AG?‡ZGAM;C‡uALFEF@F;vL‡ GAA@G?‡K@BD;F‡EL‡wXUxKAP‡<A?Q‡yz‡D<;L‡J<C‡ MGAM;C‡=C;O;AFE<AU‡[;?=‡@L‡NGT;‡@=‡?;DEL?G_ F<CL‡GAB‡VI;CEMG‡KQ‡N;GCEAD‡FREL‡CEK<AUs {ƒ„|~‡†~€~€‡ {‡‚ ~ € ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡‡ ‡ !‡ ‡ ‡" $‡ ‡ ‡ % WR;‡CEKK<AL‡NEFR‡FR;‡MGCBL‡N;C;‡RGAB;B‡<@F‡ GF‡L@=;CIGCT;FL‡GAB‡KQ‡NCEFEAD‡F<‡=C<IEA;AF‡ N<I;A‡EA‡G@FR<CEFQP‡EAM?@BEAD‡FR;‡&ECLF‡ 'GBE;L‡<J‡VI;CEMGP‡;AM<@CGDEAD‡GMM<@AFGKE?_ EFQ‡F<‡K;‡FGT;A‡F<‡R;?=‡=C;O;AF‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;CU‡ VL‡GNGC;A;LL‡DC;NP‡ZRGC?<FF;‡NGL‡GLT;B‡KQ‡ ];?J‡(GDG)EA;‡GAB‡*LF;;‡'G@B;C‡F<‡M<??GK<_ CGF;‡NEFR‡FR;IP‡R<N;O;CP‡LR;‡J;?F‡G‡M<??GK<CG_ FE<A‡N<@?B‡IGT;‡FR;‡MG@L;‡F<<‡M<II;CMEG?‡ GAB‡F@CA;B‡EF‡B<NAU VL‡=EAT‡EL‡@L@G??Q‡GLL<MEGF;B‡NEFR‡J;IEAEAEFQP‡ FR;‡M<I=GAE;L‡FR;A‡N;AF‡<A‡F<‡MC;GF;‡G‡=EAT‡ M<?<@C;B‡CEKK<AP‡NREMR‡EL‡A<N‡NEB;L=C;GB‡GL‡ FR;‡CEKK<A‡B;BEMGF;B‡F<‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;C‡GNGC;_ A ^ ; @ L C L EA U D‡+MF<K;CP‡EF‡EL‡D<<B‡F<‡C;I;IK;C‡ ZRGC?<FF;‡[G?;Q‡J<C‡FR;‡B;BEMGFE<A‡GAB‡;JJ<CF‡ =@F‡EAF<‡CGELEAD‡GNGC;A;LL‡<J‡KC;GLF‡MGAM;CP‡ GAB‡M<AFEA@EAD‡F<‡;AL@C;‡=;<=?;‡D;F‡ MR;MT_@=L‡GL‡N;??‡GL‡=;CJ<CI‡L;?J_;,GIEAG_ FE<ALU