Connector October 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 28 CONNECTOR.AE 29 Dining Around Dining Around For diners that are looking to explore the amazing tastes of Central Asia, the newly opened OSH Del Mar at Address Beach Resort in JBR, is the place to try out. The restaurant has a captivating and modern ambience, brilliant for diners looking for an upscale experience, be it for date night or spending time with friends. Serving a fusion of flavours from Central Asia and Uzbekistan, we started the meal with delicious appetisers including watermelon and feta salad and sirtaki mousse. The sirtaki mousse, served with fresh bread was definitely a highlight. Made with roasted OSH Del Mar - Exporing Delicious Uzbek Flavours Food is a universal language and with the variety of cuisines of flavours available in the UAE, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. red capsicum, feta cheese and cream cheese, the light and airy bread paired with the creaminess from the mousse, made the taste buds sing. Next up was the cheese cheburek, which was presented in a brilliant way at the table. The dish is made with stuffed fried cheese with a garlic sauce, and is recommended to eat when hot, as the cheese melts in the mouth. Themain course was a brilliant mix of flavours, where the chicken tabaka was the star of the show. The dish comes with chicken, that is smoked at the table with a blowtorch with rosemary and thyme, and roasted garlic. The smokiness from the chicken elevates the flavour, while the meat is still tender and easily falls off the bone. Two delicious sides, chargrilled broccolini with sesame dressing and grilled sweet corn, were also served, complimenting the main perfectly. Last but never least is dessert, and anyone with a sweet tooth needs to try this dish out. The honey cake is made with layers of sponge cake, honey and cream, and is presented in a stunning way with a drizzle of honey, and a honeybee in edible glitter, topping the dish. The cake melts in the mouth, with the decadent flavours lingering on the tongue. The average price for a starter, main and dessert is Dhs 225. Call 050-9144215 REVIEW Ten To Try: Falafel Food is a staple in everyone’s day-to-day life, and one delicious dish that is synonymous with Middle Eastern cuisine is falafel. The ball-shaped wonder is made out of chickpeas or fava beans, and is deep fried to create a crunchy mouthful of deliciousness. Falafel is a versatile dish that can be turned into sandwiches, added to salads or just eaten plain. The origins of the dish are unclear, as the way falafel is made depends on the choice of ingredients and the country in which they are made in, however, there are two popular theories for how the dish was popularised. The first is that falafel was brought by Copt Christians who moved to Egypt, over 1,000 years ago, while the second theory is that they came from India in the 6th century. After the British conquered Egypt in 1882, the army liked fried croquettes from India, and asked Egyptians to use local ingredients to create a version of the dish, which led to falafel. Here are some great places Connector has come up with to enjoy the crunchy, deepfried treats, that are perfect for a quick bite or as an accompaniment to a meal.