Connector November 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 34 CONNECTOR.AE 35 Kids And Education Kids And Education Meet The Teacher: Jack Flaherty Football, a globally beloved team sport celebrated for its blend of athleticism and tactical finesse, is no less adored in the UAE. Andwhenwe talk about football, one academy that springs to mind instantly is the SK Football Academy. Established in 2002, this academy reigns as a towering presence in the UAE’s football coaching landscape, spreading its knowledge across the Emirates. However, what truly sets them apart is not just their exceptional coaching but the expertise of their coaches. Jack Flaherty, the accomplished Elite Lead Coach at SK Football Academy, stands as a shining testament to the academy’s esteemed reputation as one of the finest in the UAE. Bringing more than a decade of coaching expertise to the field, Jack Flaherty has been a valuable asset to SK Football Academy for the past 2 years. Originating from Liverpool, UK, Jack Flaherty opens up to Connector about the driving force behind his coaching journey and the daily enthusiasm that fuels his passion as a coach. What inspired you to start coaching? The reason I started coaching was because of my love for the game. It’s about the joy of imparting knowledge and witnessing the smiles on my student’s faces as I deliver interactive training sessions. How did you decide to coach football? My coaching style is always fun and engaging. I always like to challenge my players by posing numerous questions, enabling a process where they contemplate various outcomes and develop their thoughts rather than simply providing them with answers. What do you love about coaching? I love seeing my players progress and learn new skills. Seeing students enjoying and learning football in a fun environment is a must for me. Do you remember your favourite coach or teacher from school? Certainly, there was a coach named Danny Lloyd who played a key role in igniting my coaching journey. It all began with lending a hand at various half-term camps, and from that point, my involvement in coaching experienced significant growth. How do you make everyday sessions more interesting? While planning my sessions, I always think about what if I were to be playing during this session, would I be engaged, and would I enjoy it? I make it a point to incorporate elements of competition to infuse a sense of competitiveness and fun, elevating the overall experience. What is a unique part of the academy? What sets our academy apart is the sense of unity that transfuses every aspect of it. All our staff collaborates seamlessly, supporting one another in various daily tasks, be it session planning or ensuring that everything off the pitch is kept current and in order.