Connector November 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 32 CONNECTOR.AE 33 Kids And Education Kids And Education When it comes to additional queries, here are some more questions that parents should contemplate asking during an open day. How does the school support students in terms of career guidance and preparing for higher education? Traditionally, schools relied on questionnaires to assess individuals’ aptitudes and interests, which often proved unreliable. Therefore, parents should inquire about the methods and tools the school employs for career guidance. It’s essential to understand whether the school has dedicated staff to mentor students throughout their academic journey or if they outsource this responsibility. What is the rate of staff turnover? This question serves to determine if there are any concerns regarding the school’s ability to retain its staff, which, in turn, can be an indicator of the school’s overall work environment and teacher satisfaction. It offers insight into broader issues such as investment in teacher development, job fulfilment, and teacher engagement. Mr Ian Ward, who serves as the Principal of Emirates International School Meadows, has also provided valuable recommendations for questions that parents should consider asking. According to Mr Ian Ward, parents should pose inquiries such as: • What after-school activities does your school offer? • Tell me about the university destinations of your students. • Is there an ‘open door policy’ at the school if students or parents have concerns? • What is your school aiming to achieve in the next 5 years? • What are you most proud of at your school? • What is your school’s take on bullying? These questions aid parents in gaining insight into current state and future objectives of the school, facilitating an informed decision-making process. Which educational framework is implemented at your school? It’s essential to ensure that your child’s learning and academic needs align with the school’s curriculum. To do this, gather comprehensive information about the school’s curriculum. Inquire about the educational standards and guidelines the school follows. How are individual achievement and progress assessed at the school? Every school employs methods to measure student progress, even those that may avoid conventional grading systems have their ways to track student performance. Exploring the school’s strategy for measuring student progress is imperative, as it’s vital to stay informed about your child’s academic development. What type of student is best suited for this school? This question serves as a valuable tool for uncovering the specific attributes and qualities that the school believes are most conducive to a student’s success within their academic environment. It, in turn, offers insights into the school’s own character and values. Do you provide educational assistance for students with additional learning needs? If you’re aware that your child requires extra help in the classroom, this is a crucial aspect to consider. It’s also valuable to understand the school’s approach to providing additional support, as it can be vital for your child’s future. Similarly, it’s important to know their strategy for highly capable and gifted students to ensure that if your child excels in a particular subject, they receive the necessary guidance, support, and encouragement to continue thriving.