Connector November 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 22 CONNECTOR.AE 23 Dining Around Dining Around The recently opened Zenon at Address Dubai Mall, is exactly that. The impressive restaurant and lounge, offers an elevated dining experience, within an innovative interior of AI driven interactive art adorning its high walls. As amazing as the everchanging interior is, Zenon replicates that attention in the menu. Influenced by Executive Chef Lorenzo Buccarini, Head Chef Thomas Papas and Head Chef Tatsuya Ueda, Zenon’s menu offers Mediterranean cuisine and Asian flavours For starters we enjoyed the Asian tastes. The flavours of the Usuzukuri in Soy and Yuzu Sauce were distinctive and combined perfectly with the chili mayo, and the Marinated Zenon Dubai’s Immersive AI Dining Experience With an eye-catching skyline, a serene desert landscape or the mesmerising Arabian Gulf, choosing a restaurant with a view to satisfy allmoods is not an issue in Dubai, but what if that impressive and captivating viewwas indoors? Yellowtail with the orange dressing made us want more with each mouthful. We then moved to the Mediterranean with the Red Shrimp Saganaki, a surprising combination, and a Classic Greek Salad. The shrimps were of a quality you come to expect from a fine dining restaurant, but combining them with Saganki took the dish to a different level, requiring all our resolve to stop us from mopping up the sauce with the fresh bread. The quality of the ingredients were evident in the simple Greek salad, where the barrel aged feta from the Peloponnese region of Greece confirms why Greeks are so proud of their national cheese. Our mains featured a seafood pasta dish of Tagliolini with clams, prawn tartare and caviar, a warming dish with well balanced flavours, and a succulent Australian wagyu striploin steak, where every bite melted in the mouth . For dessert we could not say no to a generous helping of profiteroles with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce, very naughty but so nice, and such a perfect ending to the dining experience. This new restaurant takes the fine dining experience to a different level and is very quickly making its mark on the Dubai dining scene. The average price for a starter, main and dessert is Dhs 485. Call 04 8377222 REVIEW Ten To Try: Pizza If there’s one thing that brings a smile to everyone’s face, it’s PIZZA! Whether you’re feeling like a pizza-party animal, a pizza-sadster, or having a plain ol’ pizza-meh day, pizza’s got your heart covered with its ooey-gooey, cheesy goodness. Pizza, basically Italian for ‘Pie,’ debuted in Naples in the 1600s. Since then, it’s been on a world tour, making people cheesy-happy wherever it goes. And guess what? The UAE is totally on board the pizza train! So, if your life motto is “eat, sleep, and repeat pizza,” and the only love triangle you’re interested in involves three slices of pizza, then Connector is here with the ultimate pizza guide in Dubai to keep your pizza cravings in check. Let’s start from the and get ready to bookmark these pizza hotspots in Dubai.