Connector November 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 20 CONNECTOR.AE 21 Dining Around Dining Around Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant provides a captivating journey back in time, inviting you to savour the authentic Emirati flavours in Dubai. Situated in the historic Al Fahidi district, this culturally-conscious dining establishment offers a delightful glimpse into tradition. It’s more than just a cosy spot for a meal; it’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the bygone days of Dubai. At Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant, make sure to indulge in dishes like chicken shawarma sambousa, hyderabadi biryani, Al Khayma bedouin lamb kebab, Al Khayma seafood maragat, and conclude your hearty meal on a sweet note with ferni. 055-1802080 Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant Al Ustad Special Kebab, a charming establishment in the Mankool area, has been a genuine slice of Old Dubai since its inception in 1978. This restaurant, a favourite among celebrities, pays homage to the Iranian kebab tradition, featuring succulent chunks of barbecued chicken and mutton expertly marinated in yoghurt. While Al Ustad is renowned for its kebab offerings, you shouldn’t miss the chance to savour dishes like kabab khas, joujeh kabab, cholo murgh, and other delightful options. Al Ustad Special Kebab promises a culinary experience that captures the essence of tradition and flavour, making it a true gem in Old Dubai. 04-3971933 Al Ustad Special Kebab Situated within Dubai Mall, Wafi Gourmet stands as a Lebanese culinary expert, celebrated for its commitment to the art of Lebanese cuisine. Enriched with the finest Lebanon-originated products, meticulously selected for their superior quality, taste, and appearance, Wafi Gourmet offers an exceptional dining experience. When dining at Wafi Gourmet, try dishes such as foul moudamas, kebbeh meat, kabab halabi, and the meat shawarma plate, among other delectable options. It’s a true culinary journey that captures the essence of Lebanon, whether you’re indulging in a meal or exploring ingredients in the souq. 04-3244433 Located in Al Manara, Mama’esh offers a wholesome culinary experience that captures the heart and soul of Palestiniancuisine.Here, youwon’tencounter any frozen ingredients; instead, they take pride in using only fresh halal meats and bread crafted from organic flour. The atmosphere exudes warm and inviting homely vibes, making it the perfect setting to savour their delectable dishes. Don’t miss out on lamb sajjeyeh, potato and chicken tray, Palestinian foul medammas,Palestinianmusakhanchickenrolls,mincedmeatandcheesefatayer,andlaham bil ajeen. For those with a sweet tooth, the oven baked nabulsi kunafa rolls are an absolute must-try. 04-4538166 Nestled in Bur Dubai along the creek, Bayt Al Wakeel offers a tranquil vista of the traditional abras and the charm of old Dubai. Here, you can relish a delightful fusion of seafood, Arabic cuisine, and all-day snacks. The restaurant boasts an inviting ambience and a delectable menu. Savour the baby hammour grilled, spinach sambousek, fish basket, and the Wakeel special mixed grill, all of which promise a symphony of flavours. For those with a sweet tooth, the banana split is an absolute must-try dessert. Bayt Al Wakeel combines picturesque surroundings with mouthwatering dishes for a memorable dining experience. 04-3530530 Wafi Gourmet Bayt Al Wakeel Mama’esh