Connector February 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 48 CONNECTOR.AE 49 Health and Wellness Health and Wellness tionships as well as how to grow and tips for start-up businesses.” For Youmna, being an influencer is a role she takes seriously and does not use it as a way to highlight only the joys of life but rather all the ups and downs that life has to offer. Youmna added, “It is important as an influencer to not show a fake lifestyle and to show people that you relate to them. I share the good times and the bad times and do not only share the happy moments, as it is important to show that we can also have bad moments.” As her followers kept increasing rapidly, Youmna continued to share her life via social media. Soon, her followers began to enquire more about the products she uses and asked her recommendations. With a dream to create her own products, Youmna then decided to start her own brand saying, “As my followers were increasing, people kept asking me about how I do my hair, what brands I use for contact lenses and makeup, so I decided to start my own brand.” From there, Youmi Beauty was created and became a portal for women to enhance their natural features and feel their best. Youmna further added, “I started with one product, contact lenses, in 2017, and noticed that the sales were good. Since I always love to change my eye colour, I thought let me create my own contact lenses. I did one colour called ‘Special’, and I created a small quantity.” After launching a small batch of her contact lenses, within two to three days, the product sold out and pushed her to continue to bring out products she believed in. To ensure that everything was created in good quality, Youmna spent the new two years going back and forth with testing the products, and to stay true to her brand, only wanted to launch items that she genuinely believed in and loves. Originally starting her brand in Lebanon, Youmna then brought Youmi Beauty to Dubai, making it the head office, and worked on a complete rebrand. One of her main goals was to give all her followers the opportunity to try her products while also selling at an affordable price point. With that in mind, Youmna decided to source the best quality materials and sell it at a price that was attainable for all. In 2022, Youmi Beauty launched seven different contact lenses in various colours, that give the wearer the ability to change the colour of their eyes while still looking natural. Youmna said, “With contact lenses, whenever we launch new colours, my vision was to use contact lenses that do not show that you are not wearing them and to add and change your eye colour without showing that they are contact lenses. It was very hard to choose the colours and we went back and forth for two years.” “I have very sensitive eyes and need contact lenses with power.” Youmna also added, “I also have dryness in my eyes and I could not find a brand that does not make me feel like I am not wearing contact lenses. Not saying this because it is my brand, but it is the only brand, that I can go the whole day and I do not feel like I am wearing lenses.” Youmi Beauty has since also launched hair extensions and hair tools and while creating products for her brand, Youmna focuses on all the little details saying, “When we send hair extensions to our clients, you will receive it with the best packaging.” The brand focuses on ensuring that the packages are sent to the client in a great manner as well as how fast the delivery is. While reflecting on her journey in the beauty industry since creating her brand, Youmna said, “It was a long process. When I started in 2017, I started with a small budget, and started with e-commerce, when it was not that familiar to people.” However, despite all the hurdles she faced, Youmna is determined to continue pursuing her dream and bringing amazing products to people saying, “I believed in myself and that one day, I am going to go bigger and more globally. I am happy with the results,