Connector February 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 46 CONNECTOR.AE 47 Health and Wellness Health and Wellness vance, all you have to do is make sure the food is consumed at the time you set that is best for your body, while also incorporating snacks in between the three main meals to prevent getting hungry and snacking on junk food. Reduce screen time: As we live in the digital age, our electronic devices, from our phones to the television, are the best way to constantly be distracted and have something to occupy our minds. Be it scrolling through reels on Instagram or watching videos on YouTube, one way to lead a healthier life is to avoid filling all the free time available by using devices, and should instead be substituted with doing activities of your liking, from playing the guitar to colouring to keep your mind active and not stay idle. Spend more time outdoors: After a busy day, we all have days when we do not want to do anything and instead cuddle up in bed and sleep or binge-watch a television show. However, one way to get healthy is by spending more time outdoors. As most of us spend our days at work and then back home, is can seem like there is little time to be in open spaces. One way to incorporate being outdoors is by going for a walk in the evening, be it alone or with friends or family, and can be a great way to bond with them while also getting some fresh air, keeping you refreshed and energised. Interact with people more: Social interaction, as humans, is crucial for survival. While interacting with people, our mental health thrives as people can help alleviate stress and make us feel light. Additionally, while meeting up with friends and family, people are able to speak about how they feel and, if they have any issues, can be given advice, leading to better decision-making processes as well as a boost in positive energy when spending time with the right people. A healthy lifestyle can be difficult to maintain when starting out. However, one of the best ways to start the journey is to find small but attainable changes and stick to it. Over time, the journey becomes second nature and once the changes are seen, they are very difficult to stop, leading to a restful and productive lifestyle. Youmna Khoury: Taking Her Dreams From Influencer To Business Owner The beauty industry is one of the biggest and most thriving industries in the world. With so many up and coming makeup brands now leaving their mark in the world, Youmna Khoury is a great example of taking her dream and turning it into reality, by starting and growing her business from scratch to now selling out her products in a matter of days from launching. Connector sat down with Youmna to talk about her journey as an influencer who grew her followers to 2 million, starting her brand and the foundation she has set up through which she gives back to the community. Born and raised in Lebanon, Youmna started out on her journey as a beauty and lifestyle influencer in 2017, dedicating her time to growing her platform by sharing content that she knew was needed in today’s day and age. Youmna, on starting out as an influencer said, “I was sharing my everyday routine from when I wake up with positive energy, go to work and travel. I used to give a lot of tips to my followers, not just related to beauty but also life coaching about rela-