Connector February 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 38 CONNECTOR.AE 39 Kids And Education Kids And Education 4. Finding the Venue: Dubai is home to multiple iconic locations, perfect for a child’s birthday. If you plan on hosting it at home, the process is easier as you can manage all the details over the span of days leading to the birthday party. However, with booking a venue, it is important to check in advance for availability and make a booking to ensure that the place of your choice for the party is confirmed and can help plan the details around the venue. 5. Invites: Invitations are a crucial step in planning a party as there is no celebration without other people attending. Invitations can range from sending a message to your child’s friends or calling them up individually to invite them to attend. Additionally, creating an invitation is another option to invite people and are easy to create. With multiple sites from Canva to Pinterest offering templates, all you have to do is pick an invite that matches the theme, fill it out and send it! 4 5 6. Food: No party is complete without food, and most venues provide food as part of their packages. Although for house parties, snacks with junk food are the best way to go about it, as kids will be running around playing and will not want to sit and eat a whole meal. The cake is also an essential part of ringing in the milestone, and booking a themed cake from your favourite bakery store will make the party all the more special. 7. Party Favours: There is nothing better than ending the amazing party by handing out party favours to all the children that attended. Based on the number of children invited, if it is a smaller number, the party favours can be small gifts that cater to the child’s likes. Although if it is a big group, fill up the bag with little trinkets from clothes to chocolates, that are sure to keep the kids excited. Although planning a party can seem like a difficult feat to accomplish, one of the best ways to make it a great one for your child is by talking to them and finding out what they would prefer and basing the party on that. Party planning can be easy when following all the steps and planning in advance, and it is never too early to make it a great one for your child. 6 7