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CONNECTOR.AE 36 CONNECTOR.AE 37 Kids And Education Kids And Education Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party In The Best Way! As a parent planning a kid’s birthday party is one of the essential roles of parenting. As a parent planning a kid’s birthday party is one of the essential roles of parenting. While wanting to celebrate every milestone that your child makes, each birthday comes with the start of a new year and is always one that should be celebrated. However, the planning process for many is quite a stressful task to undertake. Although many can opt for hiring a party planner, there is a special touch only parents are able to put into party planning, which can make it a special and memorable one for your child and their friends. To make the whole ordeal easier, here is a breakdown of all the steps to ensure the party is a hit! 1. Picking a Theme: The first step to party planning is picking a theme. A theme is a great way to add some fun and life to the party and can make decorations and outfits all the more fun for everybody. The best way to figure out a theme is to talk to your child and base the theme around their current liking, which can range from dinosaurs to their latest favourite television show. 2. Budgets and Checklists: Right before planning the birthday party, it is critical to sit down and set a budget. A budget will prevent overspending and also have money set aside to ensure smooth party planning. Additionally, making checklists is the best way to stay updated and not forget the little details required from the party. At any point, when thought or detail that needs to be looked over arises, note it down. 3. Decorations: Decorations are a special touch that takes the party to the next level. Based on the theme picked, the decorations can align based on it and can range from buying them to DIY’s. With so many resources now available, from shopping online to buying decorations from stores, the options are endless. Gifts Cards Balloons Candy Food 1 2 3