Connector April 2023

CONNECTOR.AE 74 Lifestyle that a legit person is calling them, we stay on the line and wait till they check their account.” In some situations, however, where the winner has a low-income job and does not have a bank account, Priya along with the team at Mahzooz, help ensure they receive the money. A previous winner was a labourer, who was not earning enough to open a bank account. Priya helped in guiding and assisting them in getting the right details and documentation in place, and with a letter of confirmation from Mahzooz, the bank was then able to assign a bank account for the individual to receive their money. One of the key factors, as Priya mentioned, is to protect the identity of the winner, and although a press conference is held, only basic information, like their first name or the country they are from is announced. Priya added, “As a business, the winner being public gives us the credibility and the seal of it being real. There are always questions from the general public if it is real or fake, especially when it comes to our kind of product, and it is normal for a person to question it quite a bit.” For Priya, being able to share the good news that the winner will soon have millions in their bank account is a job she can not get enough of, as it gives her immense joy, being able to provide that confirmation that the winner’s life has now been changed for the better. Etisalat Academy - Mirdiff Gems Founders School - Al Barsha +971 50 102 6265 Although each winner’s story is special to Priya, one winner, Arlene who won Dhs 10 million, stood out, as her story was so emotional, it moved Priya to tears. While sharing her conversation with Arlene, Priya felt immense happiness from being able to share the news with her, as Arlene was previously struggling for money and led to it also impacting many people in her family saying, “She was in tears throughout the call and when you listen to her story, it was about how she was praying and hoping that one day she would be the winner and when she said, ‘Ma’am, you conveying this message to me, you can not imagine the joy and happiness you have brought to me’.” As the individuals choose the numbers, many people’s luck is changed overnight, through the Mahzooz draws. Priya said, “The way Mahzooz works is that we do not pick a winner. It is the winner who has chosen the numbers. It is not us picking the winner, it is the winner picking themselves.” At Mahzooz, the payments are made within 30 days, as soon as the details and documentation are all in place. Priya added, “The way our system works, the moment the draw results are published, our systems automatically run and whoever has the right matching numbers, their account will automatically be updated with the right amount. If someone is unsure if