Dubai’s Favourite ... Burger

There are over 11,500 different places in Dubai where you can get something to eat, from fine dining restaurants with exquisite food to street food cafes serving delicious shawarmas, and a whole lot more in between. Trying them all is impossible but choosing a good one is important, and this is where we want your help. We are looking to find the favourite places that our readers rate highly and recommend to fellow Dubai residents.

First up we are looking for Dubai’s Favourite Burger.

Lots of places do burgers but who does a burger really well? We have shortlisted down to 10 restaurants known for their burgers suggested by readers, and want to now put it back out to you, to find out which one tops the list of the top 10.

Simply scroll through the list below and tick the one that is top of your list.

Voting has now closed, the winner will be announced shortly ... watch this space!

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