Natya Sandhya: An Evening Of Indian Theatre

The Natya-Sandhya (the evening of theatre) will begin with performance of ‘DIL SE’, a one act play based on Satyajit Ray’s futuristic short story. Oscar Award winner, Satyjit Ray’s classic presents a scenario where machines have started replacing humans in all aspects, from day to day household chores to complex relationships.

The second performance ‘Chidi Ki Dukki’ or ‘The Two of Hearts’ is a theatrical adaptation of one of the most amazing stories by Ismat Chughtai. She wrote in Urdu and Hindustani and did not shy from calling a spade a spade, which often incurred the wrath of society.

The final presentation of the evening, ‘Dastak’ is a chilling play by Mohd Aslam Parvez. It tells the story of two playwrights who have been commissioned to write a play about an incurable and contagious disease. In order to develop the narrative, they start delving into their personal lives, and what unfolds thereafter is a compelling game of cat and mouse as each fights for his survival.

When: 8 September
Where: The Junction, Alserkal Avenue

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