Top 5 'Unique' Things On Sale On Dubizzle Right Now

Looking for something different to buy? It may surprise you but Dubizzle could have that something that you never even thought you wanted.

Most of us turn to Dubizzle to find a star deal on pre-owned furniture, or second hand cars, or when looking to rent a property, however the online platform goes beyond these daily standard  searches and often includes some really bizarre things that you may love to own at bargain prices.

Take a look at the top 5 ‘unique’ things that Dubizzle is listing for sale right now.

Ruby From The Crown Of The King Of Persia

Do you fancy living the life of a royal, and owning precious stones, not from Dubai’s Gold Souq, but one that comes with a long history of its own and has royal links? Dubizzle is currently listing this precious ruby, and you can own the red gem for only Dhs 1,835,000.

Spear Of Destiny

Control and protect your destiny, and get a very decorative wall piece at the same time. This sword of destiny may look like something you would find in a flea market, but it claims to have mystical powers and you can make it yours through the website now for just Dhs 10,000,000.

Gold Blackberry – Porsche Design

Remember that era when owning a Blackberry was everything. Though Blackberry as a phone has lost its ground in the market, its gold version still holds a value and this piece is seeking a buyer who knows its worth. If you are feeling nostalgic looking at this Blackberry phone smeared with gold, it is up for grabs for a mere Dhs 60,000.

Ancient Knives From The USSR

If collecting all sort of knives is your thing, as we know it’s a hobby for some, then this post on Dubbizle will just elevate your collection by adding hundreds of different swords and knives in one go for just Dhs 40,000.

Collection Of Old Phone

It is hard to imagine that we have reached a time when collecting mobile phones has actually become a hobby and mobiles we used not so long ago are now collectors items. It looks like someone has emptied drawers and boxes that have hoarded items for years, and pulled together a set of classic phones that will be a great addition for any collector. All these phones can be yours for just Dhs 25,000


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