Dubai Will Be Getting An Epic View of The Perseid Meteor Shower

Dubai’s skies will light up with another astronomical event. The Perseid Meteor Shower will be visible from August 12-13. During its peak, there is likely to be between 50-100 meteors per hour, making the annual August Perseid Meteor Shower a highlight in the Northern Hemisphere.

And it really is a sight to see

If this time-lapse of the 2016 Perseid Meteor Shower in California is anything to go by, we want front-row seats!

Where to watch

To avoid any light pollution and get the best view possible, head out of the city. The Dubai Astronomy Group is hosting a Perseid Meteor Shower party in the Al Qudra desert - which is an ideal spot! There will also be a Q&A if you want to learn more about the phenomenon. Grab a picnic and head away from the city lights for the best seat in the house!

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