Enjoy the safest public buses in the UAE

Enjoy the safest public buses in the UAE

Commuters in Sharjah may now enjoy the safest public buses in the UAE with an all new technology that monitors tyres' air pressure. The new technology significantly prevents all accidents that might result from sudden tyre burst and puncture on the road.

The announcement was made on Sunday morning at the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) headquarters in Al Ezra area while launching five new intercity buses to join service on the Sharjah-Abu Dhabi route. The 46-seat intercity coaches, co-made by Sweden and Brazil, are the most aerodynamic efficient in the UAE with the least air resistance, said Abdulaziz Al Jarwan, Director of RTA Sharjah for Transport Affairs.

"With the five new buses, we are now operating 25 buses on the Sharjah-Abu Dhabi route which go on regular trips every 30 minutes from Sunday to Wednesday, and every five minutes from Thursday to Saturday," according to Ahmed Al Qayed, head of transport support services in RTA Sharjah.

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