Capacity For Gatherings At Home Increased


The National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) has announced that protocol for gatherings, weddings and funerals at home has been changed.

The protocol has been implemented due to the decrease in the cases as well as the effort to return to normalcy.

Individuals can now gather at 80% capacity, with a limit of 80 people.

At gatherings, only 10 service staff are allowed.

Individuals attending need to be vaccinated at least 14 days prior and need to have the green pass on the Al Hosn App.

Attendees also have to provide a negative PCR test, taken less than 48 hours before the event.

While entering, individuals should not overcrowd, with barricades placed for entry and exit.

All individuals need to wear face masks, sanitise their hands, get temperature checks, maintain a distance of 1.5 metres and a maximum of 10 people are allowed to be seated at a table.


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