Location Data For Homes And Businesses Integrated Into GPS Apps

Abu Dhabi Media Office

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has now integrated data and information on the location of homes and businesses into various GPS navigation apps.

The address system is called 'Onwani' and will help individuals to save time and help them reach destinations around Abu Dhabi quicker.

To make finding destinations easier, postal codes for each location have been added as well as unique names based on Emirati culture, numbers and labels have been given to streets and neighbourhoods.

Through the project, over 200,000 unique addresses, 19,000 road names and new road and district signs will be implemented.

The initiative will offer an improvement in emergency response time, assist in faster delivery of goods and services, reducing carbon footprint, supporting public health, education, planning and operations, stimulating economic growth and encouraging residents and tourists to explore more destinations.

Apps including Google Maps, TomTom, Here Maps, among others, will now use the additional location data.

The location information is also available on the Onwani Clip app for Android and Apple phones.

Additionally, QR codes have been placed on street signs for individuals to scan and get the location easily on their phones.

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