Summer Guide For Fun Activities For Children To Enjoy

Dubai Media Office

Brand Dubai has launched Dubai's Summer Guide, which will offer a range of programmes and activities for families and children to do over the Eid Al Adha break.

The guide is created in partnership with local businesses around Dubai and will also offer exclusive discounts.

Kids will receive a special passport and will be available to collect a sticker from every place visited to add to their collection.

The guide will offer over 100 categories including water activities, cafes, indoor play areas and more.

Fatma Almulla, City Branding Executive at Brand Dubai said, “The Guide features a range of exciting activities for children of all ages that can entertain, enrich and help them stay fit during the holidays. Reflecting the richness and diversity of Dubai’s leisure and recreational offerings, the digital guide showcases over 100 outlets that offer children and their families a range of fun experiences. The activities are listed under six categories – sports and fitness, workshops, water activities, recreations, indoor play areas, experiences and kid-friendly cafes.”

The guide is available on the Brand Dubai website.

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