NYU Abu Dhabi Develops Oral Delivery Of Insulin


The Trabolsi Research Group at NYU Abu Dhabi has developed a method to deliver insulin orally in order to replace injections that cause side effects.

The new technology can help alleviate the well being of patients with diabetes as they will not have to receive injections for insulin.

The oral insulin medication is made with layers of insulin sheets which is covered in other layers to protect it.

The results have shown that individuals have has their sugar levels return to normal within two hours of ingestion as well as protection in the stomach.

The medication developed at NYU Abu Dhabi is biocompatible and is able to deliver the right amount of insulin depending on the individual's sugar levels. 

The US patent application is pending for the technology.

Farah Benyettou, NYU Abu Dhabi’s Research Scientist and Programme Head of Chemistry at Trabolsi said, "Our work overcomes insulin oral delivery barriers by using insulin-loaded nCOF nanoparticles which exhibit insulin protection in the stomach as well as a glucose-responsive release. This technology responds quickly to an elevation in blood sugar, but would promptly shut off to prevent insulin overdose and will dramatically improve the well-being of diabetic patients across the UAE and worldwide."

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