Etihad Cargo Joins UNICEF's Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative


The cargo and logistics arm of Etihad Aviation Group, Etihad Cargo, has signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to support its humanitarian airfreight initiative.

The humanitarian airfreight initiative will see Etihad aiding in the worldwide distribution of vaccines, essential medicines, medical devices, and other critical supplies in response to the pandemic. 

The UNICEF initiative also brings together multiple global airlines to cover the routes of more than 100 countries to deliver the essentials required to curb the pandemic.

Etleva Kadilli, Director of UNICEF Supply Division said, "Delivery of these life-saving vaccines is a monumental and complex undertaking, considering the sheer volumes that need to be transported, the cold chain requirements, the number of expected deliveries and the diversity of routes. We are grateful to these airlines for joining forces with the UNICEF Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative to support the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines."

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