Emirates Airline Introduces Self Check-In And Bag Drop Kiosks In Dubai


Emirates Airline has introduced self check-in and bag drop kiosks at Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport in order to enhance the airport experience for its passengers. 

The service is available to passengers travelling to all destinations except the US, Canada, China, India and Hong Kong because of additional requirements  from these destinations. 

The 16 new self-service bag drop machines and eight self-service kiosks will help in reducing waiting time for passengers especially during peak periods while improving customer experience in Dubai. 

These will also complement the desks manned by Emirates check-in agents. 

The new kiosks will provide a range of services to customers including checking-in, receiving boarding passes, choosing seats on board and dropping off their bags. 

Customers can easily access the fully self-service facilities at the airport and proceed directly to immigration. Emirates staff will be on hand for any further assistance. 

All facilities will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and hand sanitisers will also be available for passengers. The self check-in kiosks will be continually upgraded and will also include newer features in the future such as a touchless option and allowing customers to make re-bookings. 

More self-service facilities will be added in the coming months.



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