Live Events Can Start Again In Dubai

It looks like there could be a lot more going on in Dubai again, as the Dubai Government has announced that live events, which were temporarily suspended to contain the spread or coronavirus COVID-19, can start up again. 

Events that can resume include exhibitions, conferences, weddings and award ceremonies, indoor sports events as well as indoor and outdoor concerts, however currently nightclubs are not included.

Each event though will feel somewhat different as guidelines on social distancing should be implemented at each event.

The guidelines include limiting capacity at indoor events, where each person should have space of 2 metres either side of them (4 metres around them), and have two empty seats in between them, or between their group, at concerts with seats.  

Entry into the venue for guests should be staggered and at the end, leaving is to be done on a row by row basis.

Everyone is required to wear a face mask at the events, apart from performers who are able to remove their face mask as long as they maintain a distance of at least 4 metres between them and the audience.  

Event venues can offer food and beverages as long as it is either pre packed or, if it is buffet format, social distancing must be maintained and no guest is allowed to serve themselves. 

Venues also need to adhere to strict sanitisation procedures, before, during and after each event.




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