Summer Camps And Theme Parks Can Open

As part of the continued easing of restrictions put in place to contain the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, certain recreational centres, summer camps, theme parks and massage and spa services can reopen.

A circular sent by Dubai Economy confirmed the reopenings, under certain guidelines and measures, including social distancing requirements, to ensure the heath and safety of staff and customers and to contain the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. Measures include temperature checks on everyone entering and face masks being worn at al times, maintaining a social distance of 2 metres and the cleaning of surfaces and common areas after each use.

The facilities that can reopen include those facilities that offer rides, indoor theme parks, fun fairs, soft play facilities, indoor playgrounds, inflatable playgrounds, virtual reality facilities, edutainment facilities, facilities that offer interactive entertainment activities, arcades and escape rooms. Parties and social gatherings are not permitted. Also, restricted are soft play areas for babies and toddlers which are not permitted to reopen.

A relief to parents now that schools are closed sees summer camps running across various facilities including child centres, schools, hotels, sports clubs, gyms, libraries and art centres, however nurseries are not allowed to reopen as yet, therefore any summer camps previously held at these facilities are not currently permitted. 

Massage and spa services from certain facilities are also permitted to resume. These include massage and spa services available in hotels and malls, though certain services such as steam rooms, saunas, inhalation rooms, ice rooms, Jacuzzis, hot bath, Moroccan bath and Turkish hammam facilities are not permitted.




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