Residents Warned That Precautionary Measures Remain And Violators Will Be Fined

Since the end of the National Sterilisation Program was announced last week, authorities have seen an increase in the number of violations of the preventative and precautionary measures in place to prevent the spread or coronavirus COVID-19.

The main violations have been not wearing face masks, the failure to observe social distancing and holding gatherings in public and private dwellings. As a result, additional fines and penalties have been announced for repeat violators which will see fines doubled for second time violators and could include a prison term and much higher fines for third time violators.

Residents and citizens are reminded to wear masks in public places, on public transport and commercial centres, when walking outside in public places with high density and in private transportation. Masks must also be worn in the workplace or when moving from one place to another in shared labour accommodation. Social distancing of at least 2 metres must be maintained between people in public places, shopping centres, restaurants, swimming pools and beaches. Also, all gatherings in public and private places, including homes, farms, and apartments are prohibited. Family visits are limited to visiting first-degree relatives only, as long as physical distancing is taken into account, especially with the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases.


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