New App ALHOSN UAE To Track COVID-19 Cases

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection, along with the Health Authority Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Health Authority, have launched a new application ALHOSN UAE, for tracking COVID-19 cases.

The new app can be downloaded from the different app stores for Apple as well as Android devices for free.

The new app combines the advantages and features of the two applications, Trace COVID and Stay Home, previously launched by the Department of Health. The app provides all the services which have been proven successful globally in tracing coronavirus COVID-19. 

Users can receive COVID-19 test results directly on their phones with a unique QR code, that is a proof of their health status and that of everyone else around them who also have the app, giving every user peace of mind while interacting with others.

The ALHOSN UAE application relies on the the use of short-term signals for Bluetooth technology, to show whether a person is close to a person who has had contact or has interacted with other people who have been infected with coronavirus COVID-19, and has the same application on their mobile phones. 

Through this data, the health authorities can quickly identify people at risk and can communicate with them and re-test them again.

His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection urged all UAE residents to download the Al-Hosn application and encourage their friends, families and colleagues to do the same, noting that "only together we can contain and successfully overcome the Covid-19 virus, only together we can give each other safety and peace of mind."

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