Guidelines For Staged Reopening Of Malls

In preparation for the staged reopening of malls, a set of guidelines has been issued that people will need to follow. According to the  guidelines, the first stage of reopening, malls will operate at 30% capacity and elderly people aged over 60 and children aged between 
3 and 12 years will not be allowed to enter malls. 

Every person entering mall will be required to wear a mask and pass a mandatory health check-up at the entrance, where their temperature will be taken. Mall parking will operate at 25% capacity, and there will be no valet parking available.

Visitors to malls will be able to spend up to three hours inside and will have to maintain safe social distancing of two metres.

Stores will not be allowed ot run sales and promotions in a measure to prevent overcrowding. Staff in retail shops, will be required to sanitise each and every item tried by the customer and for products where sanitisation is not possible, the items should be quarantined.

Not everything will be operational in malls, and entertainment and tourist facilities will remain closed, however some food areas will open with very limited seating capacity.   

No date has yet been announced when malls will reopen. 

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