Run A Marathon At Home


Dubai Sports Council (DSC), in collaboration with ASICS Middle East and 5:30 Run Club, have created an exciting new initiative, the Marathon at Home. Taking place under the umbrella of DSC’s ‘Be Fit, Be Safe’ and #stayhome campaigns, the Marathon at Home will be a full 42.195km race open to people of all ages and abilities and will take place on Friday 10 April, between 8am and 6pm.

This is the first race of its kind and those taking part can choose their own route, however running on treadmills is not permitted. The rules and requirements  are: 

  • Have a fully charged smartwatch or smartphone, with the Strava app installed and activated
  • Join the “Marathon at Home” group on Strava and stay connected as the app will detect the movement and will assist in keeping track of their timing and distance travelled
  • Running on a treadmill or any other training equipment is not be accepted.
  • Running in public areas is also not allowed - participants will need to physically run on the ground and inside their house.
  • Race entry is non-transferable between individuals and relays are not allowed.

Registration for the Marathon at Home is open until 6 April, through the website. The top three finishers in the two categories – men and women - will get full running gear kit from ASICS, an entry ticket to the Moscow Marathon, which takes place in the month of September, and a finishers medal. The Top 10, meanwhile, will receive 10 EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) functional training sessions from Vertexfitness.


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