Disinfection To Be Carried Out 24 Hours A Day

Dubai Media Office

The National Disinfection Programme in Dubai that has been operational nightly from 8pm since 26 March, will now be carried out round the clock, 24 hours a day, for two weeks starting with immediate effect until the weekend of 18 April.

In the announcement made through Twitter, Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management announced the update on the city wide sterilisation programme and stated that strict restrictions on movement throughout the city would be enforced. The announcement also confirmed that "union cooperative outlets, supermarkets, pharmacies and food and medicine deliveries allowed to operate normally throughout the day".

During this time it has been confirmed that members of the public are allowed to go out for essential needs such as buying food, however only one member of the family is allowed to leave the house. Members of the public are also allowed to go out to buy medicines or to get medical assistance from hospitals, clinics and pharmacies and also for COVID-19 tests.   

It was also announced that extensive medical tests would be conducted across the densely populated areas of Dubai to ensure members of the community are not affected by coronavirus COVID-19. 

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