Here's The Online Stores You Can Use For Home Deliveries


With a surge in online shopping due to the need to stay indoors and maintain social distancing, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has released a list of online stores' apps customers can use for their daily needs that include large shopping centres and cooperatives, as well as grocery stores, meat and vegetable stores, pharmacies and water delivery companies. The list will be updated regularly over the coming days. However, if you are looking for different online shopping apps to order essentials to be delivered home, take a look here: 

22 Supermarket Mobile Applications include Union Coop, Carrefour, Amazon, Noon, Supermart, Westzone, Lulu, El Grocer, Talabat, Soopamarket, Bawiq, Instashop, Trolley, Dukani, GoGrocery, Sharjah Co-op Society, Emirates Co-op, Safestway, Swan, Mir.Delivery and Valuecart


6 applications to order Meat and Fish include Martin's Meats, Spring Bok, Tari Fresh, Zabehaty, Tazj and Almawashi and 8 applications to order vegetables, fruit and fresh food include Kibsons, NRTC Fresh, Qualityfood, Farmbox, freshtohome, Organic F&C, Green, Kinda

Four mobile applications to order water home are Waterwa, Masafi, Mykom and MaiDubai. Three pharmacy apps are, 800 Pharmacy and Life Pharmacy 

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